Rock Canyon Ranch

Rock Canyon Ranch southwest Texas is one of the premier locations to hunt whitetail deer. It is located at the northeast corner of Val Verde County, just miles from Dolan Falls on the Devil's River. The ranch sits where the Texas Hill Country, West Texas, and the notorious South Texas deer country collide. It is right at the intersection of three biological regions: the Edwards Plateau, Chihuahuan Desert and Rio Grande Plain brush land. This combination of terrain creates a landscape of outstanding beauty and diversity that presents a unique competitive advantage for hunting due to the fact that the ranch shares all types of vegetation from all three terrains.

The ranch has 13,500 acres of which 6000 is under high fence and the remaining 7500 acres are under low fence. An extensive management program including careful culling and protein feeding was implemented more than ten years ago. All hunts are guided 1:1. Last year, all new infrastructure was introduced including brand new blinds, feeders, and hunting lodge. 2010 was also the first year that the ranch was open to commercial hunting. We are bow hunter friendly...father & son/daughter…husband /wife…bring the whole family. We offer hunting specials, so please contact to find out the special that we currently have active.

Non-hunting activities include

safari of native and exotic game, skeet shooting, hiking, star gazing, and just plain old relaxing! Fishing and sightseeing excursions on the nations #1 ranked bass fishing lake, Lake Amistad, are also available.